Buko Roll Business’ Success In Just 6 Months Paid P1.4M Hospital Bills And Changed Lives For The Better


A bakery in Cabuyao, Laguna has grown and expanded significantly in just 6 months. They now have 2 branches with 30 employees, 7 distributors, and over 150 resellers. As expected, they are now earning a 6-figure profit monthly. What is their secret to success? Their delectable buko roll!

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Believe it or not, Sarah Jane Ramos, the owner of Cabuyao Original Buko Roll Bakery, had initially no idea about business. She was in the corporate world for 10 years. She decided to take a risk and venture into business when her husband suffered an aneurysm at the height of the pandemic and their hospital bill went as high as P1.4 million. Thankfully, her husband survived, but regrettably, they must also deal with the costs and, worse yet, they lost their jobs.

“Biglang nawalan kami ng trabaho. Alam mo young galing ka pa sa expenses, pandemic, tapos sumabay young nawalan ng trabaho. Lord, kaya ko pa ba?” Sarah shared in an episode of GMA’s Pera Paraan. [We even lost our jobs. Imagine facing expenses, a pandemic, and losing our jobs. I had to ask the Lord if I could still survive.]

When she was about to give up, she risked her last P75,000 by buying a bakery. But that money was only for the bakery; she needed more money to purchase supplies, so they had to sell their motorcycles, jewellery, and more. She soon realized that starting a bakery business can be very costly, and they weren’t making any money. So, they decided to focus on one signature product: Buko roll.

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Very much like the advice of Maricar Reyes, when it comes to food business, it’s better to come up with a very good signature product than have too many items. Sarah improved the buko roll and made it their best product! They soon decided to offer different varieties.

Finally, all their hardships and sacrifices paid off, thanks to the success of their buko roll business. Sarah advised other aspiring entrepreneurs to not give up on challenges. “Huwag tayo papatalo sa mga rating mga pinagdadaanan sa buhay. Ma-apektuhan tayo, pero hindi natin dapat sukuan,” she said.

How to make the filling for the buko roll:

In a saucepan, add the evaporated milk, condensed milk, cheese, brown sugar, and the young coconut meat. Lower the heat and gradually add cornstarch to thicken the mixture. Lastly, add the vanilla for extra flavor. Now, it’s ready to be added to your rolls.

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