Brave Space Alliance cuts hair and breaks barriers


CHICAGO — In Hyde Park sits a part time barbershop where barriers are broken down and patrons are provided a space to be brave.

That part time barbershop is known as the Brave Space Alliance, which opened its doors some 2 1/2 years ago and has developed into a center aiming to do two things: care for marginalized communities and promote self-care.

“Trans men and women, and anyone else can come into a safe space [here] and find affirmation in their true selves,” said Jae Rice, an organizer with Brave Space Alliance.

On top of offering haircuts, Brave Space Alliance also provides makeup and food — all donated by the local community — twice a month.

“This is the difference between life and death for a lot of people being able to have a space like this,” Rice said. “Where they feel seen and heard, and where you feel safe. That perpetuates freedom and liberation.”

For more information on Brave Space Alliance, you can visit their website.

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