Brace for a near record late season warm up



–WARMING’S BEGUN which is to carry the Chicago area into the 80s for highs away from the lake the remainder of the work week beginning tomorrow–but toward NEAR RECORD LATE SEASON WARMTH in the opening days of next week

–LIGHT WINDS and limited cloud cover may permit some areas of for to form later tonight, especially in normally cooler locations.

–Models develop A NEAR RECORD LATE SEASON WARM AIR DOME LATER THIS WEEK INTO THE MIDDLE OF NEXT WEEK. Humidities will remain comparatively restrained until more humid air puts in an appearance with mid 60-deg dew points expected Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week

–Highs are to approach 90 over the weekend and move into the low 90s Monday and Tuesday next week

–Daily average temps will surge 10 to 18-degrees above normal from Friday through next Wednesday–and despite cooling later next week, temps are to maintain an ABOVE NORMAL status the remainder of next week and into the following week. 

–In fact,  EVERY ONE OF THE COMING 15 DAYS is predicted to post a daily temp surplus which takes us through the ASTRONOMICAL BEGINNING OF FALL WHICH IS JUST 9 days away. The AUTUMNAL EQUINOX occurs at 8:04pm CDT a week from this Thursday (on Sept 22).

–“Easterly” lake breezes will cool beaches modestly the next few days. But better organized SSW winds take hold Friday and into the middle of next week and will override any lake cooling. SO SOME LATE SEASON BEACH DAYS LIE AHEAD.

–Rain prospects appear quite limited except for perhaps an isolated shower or t-storm this weekend and some showers and thunderstorms beyond mid next week.


TONIGHT: A few scattered clouds, seasonably cool. Some fog possible late in normally cooler locations surrounding the city Low 57–but low 50s well away from the city and Lake Michigan.

WEDNESDAY: Generous sunshine–only a scattered of fair-weather clouds, warmest away from Lake Michigan. Easterly afternoon lake breezes. High 82–but mid 70s beaches.

WED NIGHT: Scattered clouds, seasonable temps. Low 60 but mid 50s inland.

THURSDAY AND FRIDAY: Partly sunny with slow day-to-day warming. High Thursday 86.  Friday’s high 87.

SATURDAY AND SUNDAY: Partly sunny, breezy and warmer. Humidities remain quite moderate.  Slight chance of an isolated afternoon or evening shower or t-storm–but with a majority of hour rain-free. High Saturday 89.  Sunday’s high 90.

MONDAY: Mostly sunny, a bit windy by afternoon, becoming hot and a bit more humid. (Dew points in the mid 60s). High 91–not far from the record of 93.

TUESDAY: Partly sunny, fairly windy, unseasonably hot and humid. High 92–very close to the record high for the day.

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