Brace for a cloudy, cold and breezy weekend



–Another day with 0% of Chicago’s possible sun. And so, the depressing cloudy streak continues.  We’re in the midst of Chicago’s cloudiest January open in the 30 years since 1992.

–Friday marked the 4th day this month which has failed to produce a single ray of sunshine. Frank Wachowski reports Chicagoans have been treated to only 90 minutes of the possible 3,328 minutes which might have occurred in January’s opening 6 days. That amounts to the city having received just 2.7% of its possible sun.

–Colder air has circulated into the area. My WGN meteorological colleague Mark Carroll note that the 31-deg temp recorded at O’Hare at 9am this morning was the first sub-freezing temp to occur six days into this month. To put that into context, Mark notes ONLY 5 YEARS of the 152 since records began here in 1871 the opening 5 days remained ABOVE FREEZING. Mark also notes 59% of Januarys since 1871 have recorded sub-freezing days the opening 6 days of January. 

–Absent well organized winds likely to blow drier air into the area, clouds are likely to linger tonight and may do so much of Saturday and into Sunday morning as well.  Peeks of sun can’t be entirely ruled out—but barring unexpected changes, the status quo, namely abundant clouds, is expected to persist.

–A weather system crossing the southern Midwest may produce some snow north into Chicago late Saturday night into Sunday morning. 

–The parade of storms into the West Coast then across the country is holding the bitter chill experienced here over Christmas week at bay in Canada. And ABOVE NORMAL TEMPS are predicted each of the next 15 days.

–Modeling is still suggesting a temp downturn as some point in the final week of January—but that means the milder than normal weather has a way to run.

–Several longer-range model forecasts hint at a jarring change to colder weather late month. We’ll have to monitor developments and see if these indications persist.

–Despite ABOVE NORMAL TEMPS, it can still snow. We’ll watch a weather system expected to ride across the area in the Thursday and/or Friday time frame next week. That’s a long way off and clearly much can change. But that appears the most interesting of the weather systems which may traverse the Midwest from a precipitation standpoint in the coming week.


TONIGHT: Remaining cloudy. Colder. Low 21.

SATURDAY: A good deal of cloudiness continues, chilly—but still modestly above normal for the season. High 35.

SATURDAY NIGHT: Cloudy. Some light snow is possible late. Low 25.

SUNDAY: Cloudier than not. Chance of some light morning snow in parts of the area.  High 36.

MONDAY: Clouds—possibly some mixed sun in the afternoon. Temps are above normal for the season. High 39.

TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY: Partly cloudy. Mild. High Tuesday 40. Wednesday’s high 39.

THURSDAY: Clouding over. Becoming breezy. Growing prospects for snow or a wintry mix later in the day and at night. High 39.
FRIDAY: Snow ends early then clouds, breezy and a bit colder. High 36.

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