Boy paralyzed in Highland Park shooting may have cognitive loss


HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. — Eight-year-old Cooper Roberts who was paralyzed waist down in the July 4 Highland Park Parade shooting has been working to recovery with the Shirley AbilityLab since he began physical and occupational therapy early August.

According to the family, they are now seeing some patterns of behavior that could indicate cognitive loss.

Therapists are noticing short term memory loss, issues with word recovery and loss of acuity around fine motor skills. They are doing a comprehensive neurological and psychological evaluation this week and working on new therapies.

The AbilityLab team is also working with the 8-year-old’s family to consider the long-term needs for Cooper once he goes home —  the assistive technologies he needs for living and the house features necessary for a child who will grow with a pediatric spinal cord injury.

The family shared a statement below.

“We are grateful for every prayer, kind wishes, gift and donation, and for the good moments when our family can be together,” the statement read.

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