Body slam left HS freshman w/brain injury


ROCKFORD — The family of a 14-year-old Rockford boy filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday after video showed he was body slammed by a school resource officer last year.

“He’s a very fun, smart kid to be around,” said Stephanie Moore, Paris Moore’s mother. “But now it’s like he drifted away.”

Surveillance video from a security camera inside of Auburn High School on Jan. 21, 2021, shows school resource officer Bradley Lauer body-slamming Moore to the ground and handcuffing him.

Family said Moore was hospitalized for several days afterward with a 4–6-inch skull fracture and now has permanent brain damage.

“Paris now suffers traumatic brain injury, permanent cognitive deficits, exacerbated ADHD and symptoms of PTSD,” said Al Hofeld Jr., the family’s attorney.

According to a press release from the family’s attorney, Moore was leaving his second period class early when he was approached by assistant principal Scott Dimke. Dimke blocked Moore’s path and eventually restrained him as things got more physical before officer Lauer — without warning, the suit alleges — lifted Moore off the ground and body-slammed him into the floor.

“I was so angry,” said Diane Morgan, Moore’s grandmother. “I just want something done … He could have killed my grandson.”

Hofeld Jr said Lauer has been taken out of Auburn High School, but they aren’t aware of any further disciplinary action against the school resource officer. Auburn High School also has yet to publicly acknowledge the incident, even though it happened nearly 21 months ago.

WGN News reached out to Auburn High School Wednesday for comment on the incident, but communications were not returned.

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