‘Big shoes to fill’: Chicago mother carries on late son’s legacy of giving


CHICAGO — Brandon Cox was a lot of things to many people.

He was a father, a brother, a son, and for many, a savior on the cold streets of Chicago. Cox was known to stock his car trunk with shoes and clothing to pass out to anyone on the street in need. His mother said he had a huge heart, leaving hundreds of homeless individuals with warm shoes on their feet every year.

That big heart gave out on him last February, but his mother, Karla Cox, is now picking up where Brandon left off.

With a picture of her son on her dashboard, Karla Cox drives to Chicago elementary schools to encourage young students to embrace the spirit of giving.

“I believe the legacy that Brandon wanted to leave was for people to fill his shoes, find a way to make our city a better place for one another,” Cox said.

Brandon Cox

She has been talking to young school-age kids for months about her son Brandon and his generous heart. Through her own non-profit ‘Hands of Hope for You,’ Cox has organized toy collections at several area schools. This week, she traveled to Adolph Link Elementary School to collect dozens of donated bags of toys.

“It’s all about showing people that everybody can do something. No matter how small it may seem, if it puts a smile on somebody’s face. Do it.”, Cox shared.

Adolph Link Elementary School Principal Quinn Wulbecker says it was a fantastic opportunity for the students to get involved and give back. Along with the students, Wulbecker presented an additional $500 check that the kids raised to help the cause.

“Brandon would be smiling down on you all,” Cox gushed.

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On Dec. 17, 260 Chicago kids will be blessed with toys donated through Karla’s efforts. At a special ‘Bring Santa to the Hood’ event, another $1,000 will be raffled off between four families for Christmas. All of it, in Brandon’s name.

“He does have big shoes to fill but I can’t think of a better way to honor my son than to try,” Cox said.

Anyone interested in supporting Cox’s mission may do so by clicking here.

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