Best Father’s Day Gifts for Car Fanatics


Mark it in your diary – June 19th is Father’s Day in 2022. It can be tricky to know what to get for your old man sometimes, but getting something connected to his interests can never go wrong.

Dads, cars and classic rock – some combos are just made for each other and if your dad is a committed petrol head, now is the time to show him how much you care.

Here, we’ve put together a few ideas to suit all kinds of budgets if you want a motor-based prezzie for your dad this year, whether he drives a souped-up racer or is happy with a used car as his pride and joy on the driveway.

Tickets to a car show

Best Fathers Day Gifts for Car Fanatics Tickets to a car show

Does he like classic cars, or is he a particular expert in a certain make and model? There are meets for petrolheads up and down the country almost every week.

Find some tickets and offer to make a day of it. Even if you’re not the most interested in cars, feigning interest in a V6 turbocharged drivetrain won’t hurt for one afternoon, will it?

A streaming subscription

Best Fathers Day Gifts for Car Fanatics A streaming subscrition Netflix Amazon Prime Video

Is dad a fan of a particular motoring programme, but can’t always watch it because it requires a subscription service like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video?


If he’s a bit more analog than digital, you could also pick up a Top Gear boxset, so they can relive all of their favorite episodes all over again!

Car cleaning kit

Best Fathers Day Gifts for Car Fanatics Car Cleaning Kit

Your dad might even treat his car better than he tends to treat you, cleaning it religiously and constantly checking it is in the best condition.

Well, don’t envy the car (it’s only a car after all) and why not indulge dad a little by getting him a cleaning kit to feed the obsession. Who knows, you and the car might even be friends one day…

Driving experience day

Best Fathers Day Gifts for Car Fanatics Driving Experience day Exotic Car

Track days are a great way for petrolheads to feed their need for speed and experience driving exotic cars that may not always be available to them.

If your dad has a particular dream model, getting behind the wheel for a few laps of a famous track might put you in the good books for a long time to come.

British GP tickets

If you’re really pushing the boat out this year, you could surprise him with tickets to watch the British Grand Prix at Silverstone!

The event is scheduled for just a couple of weeks after Father’s Day, so you can soon put them to good use and enjoy seeing the likes of Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc blast around the famous old circuit.


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