Bald eagle dies days after rescue from floating ice in Waukegan Harbor


WAUKEGAN, Ill. — Despite extraordinary efforts, a bald eagle rescued Sunday morning after being stuck on floating ice in Waukegan Harbor has died.

The bald eagle was undergoing care at a Willowbrook Wildlife Center in Glyn Ellen after being rescued by Chicago Bird Collision Monitors.

In a Facebook post, the Willowbrook Wildlife Center said that despite “promising signs of recovery in the first 48 hours, the bird took a very rapid turn for the worst.” The bald eagle’s red blood cell count drastically dropped and a blood transfusion could not be performed in time.

“We thank everyone for their support and we want people to remember that this outcome does not take away from the amazing efforts of the public and CBCM in their rescue of this bird,” the Willowbrook Wildlife Center added.

Sunday’s rescue was captured on video after bird watchers at the harbor noticed the bald eagle on a thin piece of ice. Volunteers got into a kayak and created a path for the bird. Once the bald eagle floated close enough to the dock, it was captured and placed safely in a net by CBCM personnel.

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“It was a brilliant strategy,” CBCM founder Annette Prince told WGN News. “Almost on any rescue, you have to improvise as you go along.”

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