Are mermaids real? Chicken of the Sea offering $1M to person who can find one


(WJW) — A canned fish companey is offering $1 million to the person who can discover a mythical creature.

Yes, Chicken of the Sea, whose mermaid mascot is prominently displayed on its cans and packets of seafood products, is offering a prize to those who can show that merpeople are real.

The potential winner would not only have to submit video evidence, they’d also have to set up an interview between the mermaid and the company’s mermaid expert. All official sweepstakes rules also need to be followed and all submissions must be sent in by the end of February.

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As the rules stipulate: “For avoidance of doubt, aquatic animals (i.e., manatee, fish, lobsters, dolphins, jellyfish, sharks, sea turtles, starfish, crabs, octopuses, whales, seahorses, squid, swordfish, shrimp, killer whales, manta rays, otters, and oysters, etc.) are NOT Mermaids.  For further avoidance of doubt, mythical oceanic, lake, river, and/or water dwelling creatures (i.e., sirens, ocean dwelling spirits/ghosts, blue men, kelpies, selkies, sea/water deities of myth and/or legend (i.e., Atargatis, Sedna, Triton, Oannes, etc.)) are also NOT Mermaids.”

Those who believe gallivanting off to pursue mermaids may be too much a time suck can instead send in a “mermaid-themed image or video” to Chicken of the Sea for the chance of winning $2,500.

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