Above normal temps but a rain/snow mix is on the way



—Damp and raw as it feels, the area is in an ABOVE NORMAL TEMP REGIME.

—Normal highs are 39—but Tuesday’s high made it to 43.

—ABOVE NORMAL TEMPS are predicted each of the coming 8 days. We cycle into a BELOW NORMAL TEMP REGIME from next Thursday out to 15 days (i.e. early the week after next).

—Two precipitation bearing systems are being monitored—the first due late Thursday into Friday. A chilly rain is expected for the most part—thought the rain/snow line is close and it’s not out the question a few periods with a wintry mix of precip could occur—with the best chances for the wintrier precip in northern counties and into Wisconsin.

—The next precip system—and likely the heavier of the two—is currently slated to be entirely a rain producer. It arrives next Tuesday night and Wednesday.

—We’re in December so thoughts turn to prospects for snow. If there’s a significant snow system in our future–OUR MODELS HAVE YET TO FIND IT. Something like 40% of Chicago’s Christmases meet the definition of a White Christmas—that is a Christmas which opens with at least 1″ of snow on the ground.  Through a snowy system isn’t yet in clear sight by Christmas, it’s early yet to write that possibility off.  We’ll keep you posted.

—This week is to average 4-degrees ABOVE NORMAL; next week is to come in 2.5-deg ABOVE NORMAL—though modestly colder than normal weather is indicated beginning next Thursday.


TONIGHT: Occasional breaks in the clouds after a hazy, sprinkles open to the overnight period. Though raw feeling, temps remain ABOVE NORMAL for the time of year. Low 33 (normal low is 27).

WEDNESDAY: A good deal of cloudiness-just some possible peeks of sun in the morning. Temps similar to todays with light winds from the northeast off Lake Michigan. High Wednesday 44.
WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Primarily cloudy. Low 31.

THURSDAY: Cloudy, seasonably chilly. Winds strengthen from the northeast a bit in the afternoon. Chance of rain toward nightfall or just beyond. High 39.

THURSDAY NIGHT & FRIDAY: A chilly rain develops, blustery, damp and raw. Low Thursday night 37. High Friday 40.

SATURDAY: A good deal of cloudiness lingers—perhaps a bit of mixed sun. High 40.

SUNDAY: Partly cloudy, little change in temperature. High 40.

MONDAY: Clouds dominate again. High 43.

TUESDAY: Rain developing and windy. Mild for the season. High 47.

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