A look at some of Illinois’ “weird”, “odd” and “fun” laws


CHICAGO — The start of the New Year will bring more than 180 new laws for Illinois impacting public safety, education, health, labor and agriculture.

But they’re not all business for 2023, a few of them are, dare we say, “fun” laws.

And that got us thinking: What other “fun”, “weird” or “odd” laws does Illinois have? 

We did some digging and here are a few that we found.

New State Snake

When the new year starts Illinois will have its first state snake. House Bill 04821 declares the Eastern Milksnake as the official snake of Illinois. The 2 to 3 foot-long-snakes are not poisonous and have a spotted pattern with black or brown borders. They also live in fields, hills, rivers and woodlands across the state.

New State Rock

The New Year will also see Illinois’ first state rock become official. Dolostone which is a form of limestone that makes up most of the state’s bedrock, was designated the state rock in House Bill 4261. Students at Maplebook Elementary in Naperville and Pleasantdale Middle School in Burr Ridge initiated the move after learning the state did not have an official state rock.

Sweet Corn Appreciation Day

In 2023, we will have our first Sweet Corn Appreciation Day. House Bill 4766 designates Aug. 1 of each year to be the day to celebrate all sweet corn farmers and growers around the state. Illinois is one of the top states in the country for production of sweet corn.

Here are some more eyebrow-raising state laws that already on the books.

Illegal Grass Clippings

It’s illegal to leave grass clippings in the street after mowing your yard. It’s considered littering if you do.

Don’t hang anything from your rearview mirror

Ilinois law says it’s illegal to hang anything from your rearview mirror, we’re talking car air fresheners, garters, fuzzy dice or even your graduation tassel.

“Master” not “Mister”

There’s an Illinois law that reportedly mandates all bachelors be called “Master” instead of “Mister” by their prospective female suitors.

Eavesdropping could cost you

You can also be arrested for eavesdropping in Illinois in Illinois. You could be convicted of a Class 4 felony offense and face up three years in prison.

No fingers please

Another Illinois law reportedly says it’s illegal for a barber to apply shaving cream to a customer’s face using their fingers.

But while the state has some “odd” laws, several Illinois cities have their share of colorful laws too. Below are a few that we found.

It’s “Joe-lee-ette” not “Jolly-ette”

You could be fined for mispronouncing the name of the City of Joliet. Ordinance Sec 2-8 states “The only official correct and proper pronounciation and spelling of the name of this city shall be jo-li-et; the accent on the first syllable, with the “o” in the first syllable pronounced in its long sound, as in the words “so”, “no” and “foe”…” The founding fathers of Joliet reportedly wrote the law because they were tired of visitors, mainly from Chicago, mispronouncing the city’s name as, “Jolly-Ette”. Those who did were fined $5, but it’s reportedly not being enforced nowadays.

Don’t make faces at dogs

It’s Illegal to make faces at dogs, even if it’s yours in the city of Normal.

No pick-up trucks on DLSD

It’s illegal for pick-up trucks to drive on DuSable Lake Shore Drive. They are considered part of a 2020 ban on commercial trucks even if they’re not carrying freight.

Keep the change

You reportedly could be considered a vagrant in Chicago if you have less than $1 on your person.

No pajamas allowed

It’s also reportedly illegal to fish in your pajamas in Chicago.


In Chicago It’s reportedly illegal to give dogs whiskey; It’s also reportedly illegal for your pet to have bad hygiene in the City of Chicago. You should also note, it’s illegal to take a french poodle to the Opera.

No lit cigars

In Zion, you reportedly cannot give a lit cigar to a dog, cat or any other domesticated pet.

Shhhh on Sundays

In Cicero, you reportedly cannot hum on public streets on Sundays.

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