7 Reasons Why You Need a Lift/Levelling Kit


Your Jeep has a large-and-in-charge attitude, so it’s unsurprising that it becomes a major head-turner each time you hit the road. Unfortunately, its stock configuration loses efficiency and appeal over time.

Without regular maintenance and performance upgrades from a reliable auto parts shop, you can easily forget why you chose your powerful vehicle in the first place. Fortunately, installing high-quality enhancements can reignite your passion for your vehicle and give your vehicle a brand-new look and feel.

The terms “lift kits” and “levelling kits” are often used interchangeably, but their uses are quite different.

Leveling kits are designed to slightly raise the front of the vehicle to match the stock height in the back of the vehicle. Lift kits are more comprehensive systems that significantly raise the vehicle’s ride height and include upgraded springs, shocks, and control arms. 

And aside from enhanced aesthetics, these kits provide other remarkable benefits and advantages. Here are seven reasons why your Jeep needs a lift or levelling kit:

Improve the Vehicle’s Off-Road Functionality

If you plan to take your Jeep off-roading, then you’ll definitely need a levelling kit. When you raise your vehicle’s overall ride height, you’ll have enough ground clearance to overcome various trail obstacles and hazards like boulders or uneven paths.

Lift kits also come in many different height configurations, so you can get an enhancement that offers as little as half an inch or as much as nine inches. Additionally, many levelling kits come packaged with components that also improve your vehicle’s performance.

Parts like shock absorbers, springs, and high-quality control arms are designed to work with your newly lifted vehicle. As a result, you’ll get a smoother ride quality and better control when you’re out on your extreme off-road adventures.

Enhance the Vehicle’s Towing Setup

Towing large trailers and equipment is a lot easier when your vehicle has a levelling kit. This type of upgrade is designed to raise your Jeep’s front height to match its rear, creating a more balanced and cleaner stance. Raising the front also leaves more room for suspension, making your heavy-duty hauling and towing jobs safer and more stable.

Provide Easier Access to the Vehicle’s Undercarriage

Raising your vehicle’s ground clearance makes it easier for you to conduct undercarriage maintenance. The lift grants better access to your exhaust, drivetrain, and axle components, so you can do repairs, inspections, and upgrades without having to use a mechanical lifting device.

Eliminate the Factory Rake

Stock trucks come with a factory rake stance. This is when the rear of the vehicle sits a few inches higher than its front.

This design is intentional to ensure that the front end’s height will be equal to the rear when you’re carrying cargo. For many truck owners, this factory rake stance isn’t appealing. To eliminate the rake, install a levelling kit.

Increase Road Visibility

Another great thing about giving your Jeep a taller profile is that you’ll be able to see more of your surroundings. This comes in handy whether you use your vehicle for serious off-roading or for daily driving. Increasing your Jeep’s ride height will allow you to spot potential road hazards faster, lowering your risk of getting into an accident.

Allow for More Customisation

Increasing your vehicle’s ride height gives you a lot of opportunities to install more upgrades. With a taller stance, you’ll have an easier time fitting bigger, use-specific tyres.

For example, you can install all-terrain tires if you want to give your vehicle more traction when driving on wet or snowy roads. Mud terrain tires, on the other hand, will help you power through muddy terrains with ease.

For That Show-Stopping Style

Speaking of larger aftermarket tyres, these upgrades also give your Jeep a more formidable look. With a tall and rugged profile, your vehicle will stand out from the rest whether you’re on the road or trail. You can expect people to stop and stare whenever you go out for a drive, giving you more confidence behind the wheel whether you’re on the street or on the trails.

Lift and levelling kits are more than just impressive upgrades to your vehicle’s looks. They also help improve your vehicle’s on- and off-road performance. They also enhance your vehicle’s ride quality, handling, suspension, and road damping capabilities. With the right lift or levelling upgrade for your Jeep, you’ll be able to unleash your vehicle’s true potential.

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