5 Ways To Make Money At Home Using Online Webinars

Starting a profitable online business using Webinars is a hot business model right now and many people are capitalizing on it big time. Those who want to make money at home should take a look at how this can be achieved.

Why Webinars?

The world has never been more hungry in terms of knowledge consumption. Colleges over the world are raking in big money by running MBA classes. For many, knowledge is power!

However, with the increasingly busy lifestyles we are helplessly engaged in today, the internet has become our online tutor. Hence, Webinars are gaining grounds and it is a great way to make money at home using this tool.

What Do You Need?

To begin, you should sign up for a Live Webinar Software like GoToWebinar or GVO Conference. It is not a good idea to use off-the-shelf Webinar software as most of them are not scalable.

You would also need a good USB condenser microphone for optimal voice quality. Presentation slides can be created using Powerpoint or Google Docs and it is best to have them in 16:9 wide screen format. This is because most computers and laptops are running on wide screen today.

It is comforting to know that your make money at home business requires very little start up cost.

5 Ways to Make Money At Home

Joel Peterson is an expert in this field and he regularly conducts classes on how to make money at home using webinars.

He shared the following 5 approaches:

– Webinar Promotion Manager

– Your Own Product

– Affiliate Marketing Webinars

– Network Marketing Webinars

– Local Business Webinars

How To Begin?

Find a niche or a specific product that you want to market. It should preferably be something that you have a lot of knowledge about or something that interests you. Next, sign up for a Live Webinar Account and invite an expert to run the Webinar if you choose not to do it yourself. You can split the profits.