5 Easy Business Ideas For Young Entrepreneurs


As they say, business knows no age. Even if you are young, there are still many easy business ideas you can try. In fact, it’s better to start venturing into business at an early age!

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Here are 5 simple business ideas for young entrepreneurs to get them started on entrepreneurship.

1. Stationery/ sticker shop

If you think there’s no market for stickers, you are definitely wrong! If you find the right niche, you can hit the jackpot when you open a stationery and sticker shop. There’s a wide range of categories you can focus on. You can go for K-pop, literary pop-fiction characters, anime, and so much more. In the inspiring story of the 3 sisters who quit their jobs to pursue business, one of them opened a stationery and sticker shop and now earns six figures each month.

2. Pastry or baked goods

You don’t have to go full-scale like making customized cakes. You can just start on easy-to-do baked goods such as cookies, pastries, and others. It may seem difficult because it requires skills, but there are many videos online that can teach you a thing or two. Juggling studies and business may be difficult, but it can be done. In fact, a student-athlete runs a successful baking business.

3. Repacked ‘kutkutin’

Another easy option is to repack ‘kutkutin’ or finger foods. This is basically so easy because you don’t need many skills to get started and ‘kutkutin’ are cheap when bought wholesale. Hence, you can also sell them at an affordable price, which makes them easier to sell.

4. Jams and spreads

Jams and spreads are great business ideas for first-time entrepreneurs because they are easy to make and sell. If you can remember, there was a story of a teenager who became a millionaire selling yema spread. If you want to make it even easier, you can even resell jams and spreads that are popular online.

5. Puto or ‘kakanins’

Puto and ‘kakanins’ are other options because they are easy to make. But since puto or kakanins are quite common already, you have to make your signature taste. As Maricar Reyes advised aspiring food entrepreneurs, one key to a successful business is making a good product. So, make something special and truly worth buying. A teenager started a successful puto business at age 17 using her mother’s recipe.

There you go! Here are just 5 examples of business ideas you can try if you’re a young entrepreneur. Remember that venturing into business can be challenging, but you can do it with grit and determination. Good luck!

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