5 Business Tips & Inspirations From Marvin Agustin To Motivate You To Work Hard For Your Dreams


Marvin Agustin has shied away from showbiz to focus on being a restaurateur. But even before he made a mark in the food industry, Marvin had always been an entrepreneur by heart. Marvin’s success story would tell that he was already used to selling firecrackers, clothes, and other items in Tutuban to support his education.

Image by Marvin Agustin via Instagram

Now that Marvin has successfully transitioned from being a celebrity to a successful entrepreneur, he gives inspiration to motivation to those aspiring to become business owners. If you need a boost of inspiration to get you going, we listed 5 business tips and motivations from ‘Kuya Marvs.’

1. Be grateful but don’t hold back on your dreams.

According to Marvin, it’s good to be grateful for all the blessings you currently have. However, you shouldn’t just settle and give up on your dreams. If you still have many goals, work hard for them.

He shared on his Instagram, “Maging maligaya sa kung anong meron ka habang pinaghihirapan ang mga bagay na mga gusto mo pang marating. Huwag makuntento kung marami ka pang pangarap, pero wag din maging ungrateful sa mga bagay na meron ka na.”

2. Be consistent and don’t give up.

As an entrepreneur, challenges and difficulties will always happen. Always keep your ground and be brave to keep on fighting for your dreams. Marvin stated, “It takes hope and courage to keep fighting, bawal sumuko!”

When you’re still starting your business, it’s okay to start small. But continue working hard because all your efforts and hard work will soon be rewarded. Marvin said, “Pwede magsimula sa maliit na bagay. Kailangan lang ng consistency and you’ll be surprised where your efforts will take you.”

3. Be kind.

Marvin believes that being kind can go a long way in business and our personal lives. When we are kind and fair to others, the world will become kinder to us as well. Believe that what you give has its way of coming back to you. Marvin stated, “Always be a little kinder than necessary. Celebrate other people’s success. Be fair and kind.”

4. Have fun learning new skills.

Being an entrepreneur is a never-ending process of learning. Marvin admitted that he was used to cooking but only learned baking during the pandemic. He realized that there was such a high demand for baked goods and pastries during the pandemic so he gave it a try.

He shared in a report from Philstar, “Good thing na naging matapang ako and I was able to challenge myself. Good thing I experimented. The good thing out of fear ang naisip ko ay just to be creative and challenge myself to learn something new.”

Image by Marvin Agustin via Instagram

5. You can do it!

The last tip is to always remind yourself that you can do it! In times when you doubt yourself, remember that it’s just your fear that’s holding you back. “Nasa sa’yo na ‘yan kung paano mo babasahin ang isang sitwasyon. You always know what to do, takot ka lang minsan sa trabahong kailangang gagawin,” he said.

At the end of the day, remind yourself that everything is possible with hard work. “Lagi mo iisipin na kaya mo! Parehong may effort pag inisip mong hindi mo kaya,” Marvin said.

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