4 Tips For Making Your Home Safer


4 Tips For Making Your Home Safer

Sometimes people feel unsafe in their own homes because the world can be a frightening place. Setting security as a top priority can enhance the overall comfort and deter intruders from attacking your new home. Thankfully, increasing the security of your home doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Here are some useful steps you can take to increase your home’s security, no matter what your budget might be. 


If your house is older or was owned by someone else before you, you should change the locks or get new ones. The experts say that one of the best ways to make your home safer is to hire a reputable locksmith and have them replace old locks that don’t work well and check to see if you have everything you need to stay safe. One addition you can make is to install a Mul T Lock deadbolt, for example. 

If you have a house with older windows that have latch locks, buy window security bars that you can adjust to make them stronger. This is also helpful if you forget to lock a window or like to leave them slightly open in the summer.


Most break-ins are simple crimes that can be done quickly. The person who did it either lives nearby and knows your schedule and other small details, or they choose the house that is easiest to get into. So, if you buy those locks, don’t forget to use them. 

As well as locks, yard lights, whether they turn on automatically at dusk or when a motion sensor is tripped, are a simple but effective way to keep criminals from stopping by. Because these lights make it hard to be undetected, most would-be thieves will stay away from your house out of fear of being seen. To keep your property safe, you might want to use a mix of lights that turn on at night and lights that turn on when they sense motion.


Don’t be confused by what you see on TV shows. Criminals who know how to hack alarms and want to do so are hard to find. Before breaking into a house, many burglars look through a window to see if there is an alarm system. If they see one, they stay away from those houses. When an alarm goes off, most thieves will leave right away and not stick around to take more things or cause more damage. 

Installing an alarm is a good idea, especially if you are out during the day a lot. Daytime break-ins are more common than nighttime ones. This is thought to be because the thieves didn’t want to run into the homeowner, which is much more likely if they break in a night. 


Don’t forget that a nosy neighbor can be a good thing. Spend some time getting to know the people who live around you. Tell them that you care about keeping your neighborhood safe and would love it if they told you about anything that seems odd. You’ll do the same for them, of course.

If you get to know a neighbor well, you can ask them to keep an eye out for you when you go on vacation or out of town. Keeping your neighborhood safe and secure is a job for the whole community to do.

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