3rd bus of migrants arrive in Chicago from Texas border


CHICAGO — The city has received its third group of migrants from the Texas border, the office of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said.

The migrants arrived at Union Station Wednesday afternoon. A CTA bus took the group to the Salvation Army as part of a citywide partnership.

“People are coming in,” said Brian Duewel, director of communications for the Salvation Army. “We’re getting their information. Everyone seems happy. They’re being fed while they’re here. The cots are set up in there. Things are going very well.”

Among the new arrivals was Jose Perez, who said his family in Venezuela was excited for him. Perez also applauded the help he’s received from the Salvation Army, which included medical attention and resources.

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More buses should arrive at Union Station in the coming days. The city welcomed about 50 migrants on Sunday. Last Wednesday, more than 60 migrants touched down in Chicago.

“The role here is just to make sure they have the basic needs to live their life,” Duewel said.

More than 100 migrants arrived Wednesday. The Salvation Army told WGN News they’ve seen many families come with children of all ages. The organization adds that its support also includes several staff members within the facility.

“They’re staffed 24 hours a day,” Duewel said. “There is security here 24 hours a day. There’s Salvation Army translators here. There’s city translators here. We have volunteer translators here. We knew that was going to be an issue, so we made sure we were covered there.”

It’s not clear how many more buses are expected to arrive or for how long but Lightfoot says the city will continue to live out its values of a welcoming city and respond accordingly. In the meantime, the Salvation Army said they’re still trying to work out a plan for those seeking to donate since contributions are allocated towards their entire mission.

The city adds that they are in the process of identifying drop-off locations for things like toiletries and other everyday items.   

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