3 Popular Milk Tea & Frappe Franchises With Initial Investment Of Under P1 Million


Milk tea and frappes are a big hit not just among students and the youth but also with professionals looking for a picker-upper during work. In truth, franchising a milk tea and frappe business is really worth more than a million pesos. The kiosks, trademark, and fee cost so much. Some entrepreneurs try to start from scratch because it is cheaper, but franchising also has its advantages, which is why many still prefer it.

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If you’re looking for a recognizable milk tea and frappe franchise with an initial investment of under P1 million, we listed 3 brands you can consider.

1. Happy Cup

Initial investment: P600,000 / P800,000 / P900,000
Owned by celebrity sisters Toni and Alex Gonzaga, Happy Cup is quite a popular brand. You can see this brand among the social media accounts of some celebrities, and influencers. Their brand offers 6 milk tea, 10 frappes, and 6 pearls options on their menu. With the holiday season, they will also be serving new holiday flavors. They offer 4 franchise packages, the cart, kiosk, kiosk with dine and kiosk with dining and trellis. The price packages range between P600,000 to P900,000. To learn more about their franchise packages, you can check their franchise page.

2. Farron Cafe

Initial investment: P299,000 / P499,000 / P599,000 / P888,000 / P899,000
Farron Cafe is popular for offering affordable frappes, milk teas, coffee, and other beverages. The brand is quite popular among students and can be seen on street corners, near schools, or at malls. Their franchise packages are much more expansive as they have 6 packages you can choose from. They have the barangay cart, school cart, cart, outdoor cart, kiosk, and full cafe. The packages range between P299,000 to P899,000. To learn more, you can check their franchise page.

3. Fab Caffee

Initial Investment: P499,000
Fab Caffee is also another recognizable brand that offers affordable frappes, coffee, and other beverages. Because its franchise fee is quite affordable too, it is one of the fastest-growing cafe brands in the country. For the price of P499,000, you already have a package with products, equipment, a freezer, and more. To know more about Fab Caffee franchise, check out their website.

These 3 are just our recommendations, but there are many other brands out there waiting to be discovered! When franchising a business, don’t just look at the price but also the quality and marketability of the brand. Also, when you’ve decided on a franchise, always learn and ask about franchising fees and costs that may be unclear to you. Read your contract properly and be wise in investing your money. Good luck!

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