21-Year-Old Entrepreneur Owns 5 Branches Of Fried Rice Business & 30 Takoyaki Stalls


At the age of 21-year-old, an entrepreneur from Tarlic City was able to expand his fried rice business to 5 branches in just a span of 3 months. Plus, he also owns 30 branches of takoyaki stalls.

Image by Briko Galeon via Facebook

Briko Galeon of Korean Spam BKB Fried Rice and Briko’s Takoyaki shared that his inspiration for putting up businesses was really to give back to his parents. He said it was fulfilling to be able to treat and give presents to our parents.

“Pinaka-purpose ko po talaga nung first time ko is gusto ko po bigyan ang parents ko ng gift na galing sa akin mismo. Ang sarap pala sa feeling na nakakapagbigay ka balik sa kanila,” Briko said of GMA’s Pera Paraan.

Soon, Briko opened his fried rice business for franchising. One of his franchisees, Sharmaine Anne De Leon shared that she was convinced to invest because the product is really good. She recalled how the social media posts about Korean fried rice always made her crave it. So, it was an easy decision to franchise a branch for herself.

Because of the success of his businesses, Briko has bought 2 cars and helps provide for her family’s needs.  Impressively, his other business, Briko’s Takoyaki, now has 30 branches in just 1 year and a half of operation.

BKB Fried Rice offers many choices to choose from like chicken teriyaki fried rice, seafood fried rice, and more. Their special fried rice has a price range of P75 to P99.

Image by Briko Galeon via Facebook

Briko’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to look for a product that you genuinely love. He said if you love the product, it’ll be easy for you to know how to serve and market it.

“Once na favorite mo po ang ginawa mong business, alam mo kung papaano siya iserve, alam mo kung paano siya imo-move kasi naging customer ka na rin ng pagkain na yun,” he said.

Being a successful entrepreneur really knows no age. You can be as young as the 16-year-old millionaire who sold selling cosmetic products. You can also be like Lola Vita of Davao who earns P80,000 a week selling donuts. There’s no age limit to what you can do!

How To Make Kimchi Fried Rice

Start by heating homemade chicken oil in a pan. Fry in the cubed Korean luncheon meat and toss in the kimchi. Once ready, add in cooked rice. Season it with Korean spice called ssamjang and BKB seasoning. To complete the fried rice, add mixed veggies and crack an egg. Toss and gently mix until well combined. Serve and enjoy!

You can watch the video from GMA’s Youtube channel:

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