13-Year-Old Fangirl Opens Merch-Cafe Business Inspired By Her Love For K-Pop


When they say venture into a business you love, a 13-year-old girl took it to heart. A “fan-trepreneur” shares her inspiring story and motivation to success.

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Fangirling can do a lot of things to every person. It can bring joy, inspiration, and sometimes a good distraction from the stresses of life.

Given Mendoza took her fangirling into greater heights by using it as a motivation to venture into business. As a K-Pop fan, she’s crazy about collecting merch and collectibles of her favorite Korean pop idols. These merch and items can be so expansive and cost a lot of money.

But this smart teenager found a way to have the merch as well as earn from them!

Image by G’s Kpop Kilig via Facebook

Given launched her store, G’s KPop Kilig. According to her, she started by reselling albums and was surprised that it was a lucrative business. She soon realized there’s so much potential and worked on growing the business.

“I decided to buy some albums for myself. I also bought some extra albums to sell, to see if I can earn profit,” Given shared in a report from GMA.

“Nagkaka-profit naman po, so I decided to grow the business more,” she added.

Given started with P500 capital to open an online shop. She was able to grow the business earning P50,000. Because of the savings, she was able to open a physical store for K-Pop merch and also sells milk tea.

As an “Army,” or a fan of the popular Korean group BTS, she also incorporates some inspiration to her milk teas.

Through all her success, Given’s parents couldn’t be any more proud! According to them, they have always seen her potential in business and investment. In fact, when she was 10 years old, Given started her own ukay-ukay shop.

Given’s father said they are proud of his daughter’s passion. He added that they will always be supportive of her endeavors.

What a smart and lucky girl Given is! As they say, it’s always to do business with something you love! Try to look into passions or hobbies and learn how to turn them into a profitable business venture.

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